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About me, the owner of the business & how the business have grown


My journey began back in November 2014. I quit my job running a salon for someone else and I used my last £500 to buy salon furniture from a salon in South London that was closing down.

I had never driven a tail lift truck before, that's when I realised I had major determination to make this work. 

Nine months later I ended up making myself homeless to be able to cut costs to one set of outgoings to open my own salon.

August 2015 I signed my first commercial lease for me to build my very own salon.

My furniture I previously bought fitted in perfectly and I soon learnt how to lay laminate flooring and survive on 3 hours sleep.

Two years on, August 2017, a month before my 30th birthday, my landlord wanted to sell the building. I was not in a position to buy and in a panic I signed a long lease with a building across the road from the salon. 

My plan was to move my salon over and begin to build again. As time went on, I managed to stay where I was, then was in a little bit of a pickle with two buildings I had signed a contract to. 

I began to expand my company.

I moved my sunbeds over the road, found that the local village needed an accessory shop.

Casa Bella Sorella Boutique was then born. 

I have sacrificed a lot to get to this point and I am still fighting.

Hoping to survive the passing of the pandemic.

I have now pushed myself to build a website which I really hope you all like. 

It's been a hard 5 years.

I'm a Crohn's disease sufferer and running one business, never mind two takes your energy. I have done 90% of the work myself. From falling through floorboards to repairing and laying flooring. I've been there every step of the way.

I appreciate all who buy items from the boutique and who come for beauty, hair and nail services within the salon. I count my blessings everyday that I continue my journey and my companies are lucky enough to expand forevermore with time. 

Thank you :)

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