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Hey Guys!!

Well I don't know where this is going but hers my first day of blogging. I'm sure it will turn into a journal of some sort. Why have I started this journey? I have no idea. will I like it? I have no idea. I know I feel quite alone sometimes so, maybe this will help?

Anyways, welcome to my Blog. My name is Lotti and I own Casa Bella Sorella Salon & Boutique. We are based in #doncaster #unitedkingdom.

This month marks 8 years of having the keys to my salon. Where has the time gone?

Wow, 8 years! Looking back on 8 years of my life, lots have changed, lost friends, gained friends. Realised its quality over quantity on whom is around you. People don't have to be blood to be family and family aren't actually all that.

As I get older I see so much more differently. I'd even say these past 4 years have been a big change for me? Anyone else felt that? I'm not even that bothered about materialistic things as much. I drive a 16 year old van who's in the mechanics as I write this for about the 7th time this year. yeah I know, I should probably upgrade but don't you feel there's so much thrown away in this world rather than repair? I want to keep her for as long as I can and if I can get another 10 years out of her I will. haha

Seeing things differently, my brand. this time last year I had just applied for my trademark of my logo for my handbags I sell now on my website and in my store.

I didn't have a clue, I saw great visions for it and I wanted my logo on everything I could possibly think of. But, since then, it's been a really hard year hasn't it, just in general don't you think? I have felt a little lost lately. So my brand that I want to take off has been slow and steady. I'm grateful though for what I have so far but just need to figure out a way to get back on track.

Family hasn't helped either. you always hear that saying, don't bring your personal life into work but really sometimes you can't help it? It's not even any of my issues but it takes up room in your mind and is sat there for you to deal with. I don't know, you'd think 3 adults, older than me could communicate and sort out their family estate. nope. it's taken me to be the go between because they don't communicate. If you take anything from this blog today, speak your mind and be honest. you don't need to be an ass about it. just communicate. people would rather be mad at you for the short time of honesty than to lie and find out later and be mad for longer....if that makes sense? haha

Hey-Ho I have a zoom call now with Ebay for my store to go online there.....let's hope this is a door to new and better things. it's been a good first time blogging. I've quite liked it. I'll blog soon, love to all, Lotti.

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